Stop the Sweeps Action 9/21

ACTION!!! – Join us for a Press Conference – Monday, September 21, 2020 at 11:30 am at 5085 Stockton Boulevard. (Residents of this encampment will be speaking), followed by a March down Stockton Boulevard to 5700 Stockton Boulevard (the site of a recent eviction of unhoused campers) for a rally.

Please wear a mask, bring a sign and join us Monday, September 21, 2020. Stand in Solidarity with our unhoused sisters and brothers. Stop the sweeps and evictions!!!



SACRAMENTO SERVICES NOT SWEEPS COALITION (SSNSC) also demands that Sacramento City and County take immediate action to:

1. Defund the County Sheriffs Hot Team and the Sacramento City Police Impact Team and repurpose these funds to develop teams of health, mental health, peer advocates and substance abuse service teams to become first responders to homeless encampments.

2. Safe Ground/Shelter/Services – The City and County has dragged its feet for years on siting and funding adequate transitions from camping to housing.

3. No hospital dumping of homeless patients to the streets or to encampments.

4. No More Sweeps, which violate a Court Order and Public Health Order – “CDC guidance for those experiencing homelessness outside of shelters is to be strictly followed. To maintain public health and safety, allow people who are living unsheltered, in cars, RV’s, and trailers, or in encampments to remain where they are, unless the people living in those locations are provided with a real-time access to individual rooms or housing units…”

5. Safe Parking areas for unhoused families living in vehicles (City Councilman Eric Guerra agreed to siting a vehicle shelter in his district, but has not followed through.)

6. City officials meet with SSNS members and the unhoused community members ASAP.

7. Cooling centers, clean air centers are badly needed through climate emergencies.

8. Audit of spending on homeless services, including law enforcement/mitigation funding.

9.County must continue to provide hand washing, restrooms, water and Supportive Services to the encampments.

Betty Rios, Kevin Carter, Crystal Sanchez, Faye Wilson Kennedy and other SSNSC leaders have been voluntarily providing essential services (i.e. water, food, equipment and support) to the Stockton Blvd unhoused encampments for months. They have witnessed these fellow Sacramentans suffering through blazing hot days, dangerous air – dense with smoke particles, risks of COVID 19 to elderly and health compromised campers and constant threat of eviction. These leaders call out:

“Enough is enough! Though the City/County homeless system has provided port-potties and hand-washing stations and recently virus testing in recognition of these encampments as shelter-in-place areas for unhoused people; accessible cooling and breathing centers have not been provided. Real time -accessible housing has not been offered.

Now the City and in particular Councilman Eric Guerra refuse to stop this eviction, which will force hundreds of people to wander through the Stockton Boulevard and adjoining neighborhoods, putting themselves and hundreds of residents at risk during the pandemic. The Stockton Boulevard Business Improvement District should be ashamed of pushing for this illegal eviction during climate emergencies and a pandemic and campers and their advocates will be pushing back.”

Thank you and join us!!














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Writing workshop postponed to Thursday

Our Writing workshops have been rescheduled to first and third Thursdays at 5PM. Email Jackie Botts for invite.

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Extreme Heat How to Help

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Writing Workshop

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SSNSC in Solidarity

Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition stands in solidarity with the current local, nationwide, and global protests and political unrest.

The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Stephon Clark, and countless others lies in the hands of the white supremacist policies, systems, organizations, and individuals that actively work to suppress Black and Brown people. Throughout the history of the United States, Black Americans have continued to be disenfranchised by the systems of oppression built for and by oppressors. Mr. Floyd’s death is no different.

It is by design that homelessness in the Sacramento Region disproportionately impacts our Black and Brown communities. As millions of Americans continue to exercise their first amendment right to protest amidst the looming pandemic, we will continue to advocate for the liberty of our unhoused community and work to dismantle the systems that allow homelessness to occur.                    written by Janae Giles

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Justice Day and Caravan

WE MUST ACT NOW! Our unhoused brothers and sisters are in danger due to City/County delay & neglect! Please join the Justice Car Caravan or help us get through to City Council and Board of Supervisors by calling, emailing, or using social media on Justice Day.

Phone script suggestion:
I support the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps call for justice for our unhoused neighbors.  Our unhoused neighbors need you to make shelter available today for them during this pandemic. While we continue to wait for the hotels/motels and other housing that has been advertised for over a month, we must ensure they have adequate access to restrooms and hand washing stations and clear messaging to the homeless encampments.   I am doing my part to shelter in place, but many unhoused cannot do so. Housing is healthcare and must be provided immediately.
Twitter hashtag #ServNotSweeps
Email script: Sample Scripts2

Contact information for Sacramento City Council and Board of Supervisors: Contact information for Justice Day
Sacramento City Council and Mayor
Mayor Steinberg   916-808-5300 
Vice Mayor Jeff Harris
 (916) 808-7003 
Angelique Ashby
 (916) 808-7001 
Allen Warren
Steve Hansen
Jay Schenirer
Eric Guerra
Rick Jennings, II
Larry Carr
Sacramento Board of Supervisors
Phil Serna  (916) 874-5485
Patrick Kennedy  (916) 874-5481 
Susan Peters
 (916) 874-5471
Sue Frost    (916) 874-5491
Don Nottoli  (916) 874-5465

Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition


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IRS Economic Stimulus

IRS Economic Impact Payments  Information on the $1,200 stimulus. There is also a link to file a simple tax return if you haven’t filed taxes in 2018 or 2019 and you don’t receive social security retirement or disability (they don’t need to file to get the check because the government already has their direct deposit information)

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SHOC Office Closure

SHOC weekly meeting 3/31 is canceled. Next meeting will be first Tuesday of April, 9am for writing workshop and 10am for shoc meeting. If interested, email for zoom and conference call access.

SHOC office has closed and weekly inperson SHOC meetings have been canceled for now.

We will continue holding our weekly Tuesdays 10 AM SHOC meetings on Zoom, a conference call app. Please email so we can email you log-in information. We will try to continue our writing workshop (Every first and second Tuesdays at 9AM) with Zoom, too.

We have suspended the Homeward vendor program. We ask that 2020 vendors call the office at (916) 442-2156 and leave your contact information to give you a message.

For more information email


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Homeless Union Rally – Feb. 25


Regarding the City’s proposed Levee ban ordinance, scheduled on the 2 pm calendar. (Also, camping ban proposed for around infrastructure and hollow sidewalks)

WHERE : 915 I st Sacramento, CA (by fountain)

WHEN: 1:15PM 2/25/2020

WHO: Sacramento Homeless Union- camp representatives.

The Sacramento Homeless Union with Stockton SOS Camp members, The river area camps, TB and Freds Bayside Camp, X Street camps and more impacted voices will be speaking on behalf of the proposed ordinance.

While we understand the vital needs to protect our infrastructure, levees, Rivers and public utilities; We are asking the public to see there is literally nowhere for us to go. If this ordinance goes into place people will be dispersed from places like the river, Morrison Creek, under the Bridges and many other locations in the city. The reality of this is we will be displaced in front of businesses in neighborhoods which will then put pressure on our Police Department, fire departments code enforcement. Which will also increase sweeps. Sometimes these sweeps happen between every 24 to 72 hours. Also they are funded as homeless services. We could utilize those funds into services that actually help us. One must understand that homelessness is a crisis and we do not have adequate shelter space at this time. Nor do we have the adequate wraparound services that we need.

The Sacramento Homeless Union has made multiple requests for impacted voices to be heard and be in these meetings especially when ordinances and policies will be directly causing us harm. Recently by Morrison Creek we were given a 72-hour notice to move by the impact team. Unfortunately 72 hours is not much time to move all of your belongings so we were separated. This led to one of our Union Executive council members from Stockton SOS members Vanessa having both of her arms and her neck broken and sodomized may she rest in peace . She was out on 5700 Stockton Blvd as well. Since January 1,2019 we have had 5 deaths in district 6 alone. Homelessness and bad policies put us in direct harm in many situations.

The bigger question that needs to be addressed here is why are our local municipalities and our leaders trying to find a loophole in Martin vs Boise instead of spending the effort and time into actually aiding those of us who are dying on the streets. The policies and ordinances are creating city and county dangers to us. We have people who are being dumped off from the hospital, seniors, veterans, children, families who have been evicted, people hiding from domestic violence and so much more. Now here is a realistic look at this; if you had one bad seed in your neighborhood how would you feel about having your whole neighborhood uprooted and shoved around with nowhere to go.

We understand the concerns for the fires on Morrison Creek however the person who did this was not part of the self govern camp we have running. Why is our municipalities and Council not coming directly out to us to see how we can better the situation as a community in whole. Why are our elected officials not bringing out fire extinguishers, teaching people how to build appropriate fires, issuing fire permits to ensure responsibility. We are doing what we have to do to survive! We have to eat! We have to stay warm! We have to stay together to stay safe! We have had candidates like Katie Valenzuela and Waverly Hampton come out and they served. They talked to us with dignity and respect and listened patiently to try to understand what we need. While we have people sitting in seats making decisions for us that are not realistic to our needs because they won’t hear us.

Now you want to place this Ban, however, you have not addressed the solutions for what is going to happen when everybody is removed. We ask that you have a meeting with the Sacramento Homeless Union who will bring a representative from each area to discuss how we can move forward in a way that is safe for all of us. We are all your constituents we need to be treated like it.

Crystal Sanchez

President of the Sacramento Chapter of the National Homeless Union


Main gist of the proposed ordinance:

8.140.030 Prohibited activities.
A. It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any person to camp, occupy camp
facilities, or use camp paraphernalia at the following locations:

1. Critical infrastructure;
2. Within 25 feet of critical infrastructure;
3. Within 25 feet of a vehicular or pedestrian entrance or exit of critical
4. On those portions of a right-of-way that are required by local, state, or federal
law to be free of obstruction to first responders, including but not limited to members
of law-enforcement, fire-prevention, or emergency-medical-services agencies;
5. Above or within a hollow sidewalk; or
6. Wildfire risk area.

B. It is unlawful and a public nuisance for any person to store personal property,
including camp facilities and camp paraphernalia, in the following locations without the
written consent of the owner, except as otherwise provided by resolution of the city
1. Critical infrastructure;
2. Within 25 feet of critical infrastructure;
3. Within 25 feet of a vehicular or pedestrian entrance or exit of critical
4. On those portions of a right-of-way that are required by local, state, or federal
law to be free of obstruction to first responders, including but not limited to members
of law-enforcement, fire-prevention, or emergency-medical-services agencies;
5. Above or within a hollow sidewalk; or
6. Wildfire risk area.

Photo from William Burg “Here’s a map of underground sidewalks, historic underground spaces that Preservation Sacramento (our predecessor SOCA) paid to survey in 2009.”

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Homeward Journalism Workshops

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