Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee
P.O. Box 952
Sacramento, CA 95812
(We are located in Loaves & Fishes’ Friendship Park on North C Street)
Phone and Fax: (916) 442-2156
Paula Lomazzi, ED  (916) 862-8649







6 Responses to Contact

  1. Daniel Toney says:

    To whom it concerns, My name is Daniel Toney my home number is 916-344-1110 I have been trying for the last couple of years to get help for my son. (Grey Toney). My son is homeless and has very severe mental issues. He has been in and out of the Sacramento mental health hospital on several occasions. The last time being in the month of Novemeber 2016. The doctors there had tried to gain conservatorship on Grey. To my disbelief the judge there instead allowed him to leave not knowing how Grey is REALLY living on the streets. Myself,Officer Smith,and some of Grey`s familty members would like to be at Grey`s next hearing. We did not know at the time(Nov 2016) we could attend. I have been getting help from a Sacpd. Officer Arthur Smith Badge # 0493 He also was shocked they released him from there care. Grey can no longer make decisions on his own. The decisions he is making are killing him. He has no concept of reality anymore.He is subjected to abuse by other homeless. He has no way to keep warm. He has no way to get food. He has no shelter from the cold. My son needs a social worker to help him get medi-cal.ssi,foodstamps. He needs extensive treatments from a impatient mental hospital or some type of mental institution. Below I have found what symptoms one needs to be to become hospitalized. My son has all the symptoms law inforcement needs to hospitalize him. They won`t again for some reason. Please can anyone help me with my son. Grey Toney`s mothers name is Nancy Cameron 916-262-4785. She can povide more info on what Grey is doing. When does a person need psychiatric hospitalization?

    Symptoms of mania or depression can seriously interfere with a person’s life. Hospitalization can be the best option to keep the person safe and stabilize severe symptoms.
    People may need to go to the hospital if they:

    1. Threaten or try to take their lives or hurt themselves or others. ( Grey Toney has a problem of cutting himself and has threatened my life on a few occasions, is slowly killing himself by living on the street without ANY Protection from the cold).
    2. See or hear things (hallucinations). (Grey Toney has said he see`s god and he tells him to stay on the street).
    3. Believe things that aren’t true (delusions). (Grey Toney thinks what he is doing is normal e.g.,being homeless,not accepting help from several social workers, police officers.)
    4. Need special treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy.
    5. Have problems with alcohol or substances. (Grey Toney has an addiction problem with drugs, meth ect.)
    6. Have not eaten or slept for several days. (Grey Toney has lost over 150 pounds in the last 2 years, he stays up all night trying to keep warm, has no way of buying food e.g., no foodstamps, or financial aid of any kind.)
    7. Are unable to care for themselves or their families, e.g., getting out of bed, bathing, or dressing.(Grey Toney has had one change of clothes in over 2 years. He has one pair of pants no underware,no socks and a worn pair of shoes.he has no jacket to keep warm. He doesn`t cut his hair nor does he shave. He does`nt clip his finger or toe nails Just recently has had a shower for the first time in over a year.)
    8. Have tried treatment with therapy, medication, and support and still have a lot of trouble with symptoms. (Grey Toney has been in and out of Sacramento Mental health Hospital. They treat him, put him in front of a judge and release him! Knowing he can`t take care of himself. Tomass Curan MHRS BS from Guest house says Grey Toney Needs a higher level of treatment. Sac PD. Officer Smith badge #0493 says Grey Toney needs to be hospitalized. Officer Smith just had him commited to Sac Mental Health Hospital but they released him again! Brandi Pasino From Sac Mental health team says Grey needs more treatment than he is getting. Grey Toney is not better. He is in very bad shape and unless he is hospitalized he is goig to die.
    9. Need to make a significant switch in treatment or medication under the close supervision of their doctor. ( Grey Toney still has no diagnosis Sac Mental Hospital releases him before that can happen.)
    10.Have any symptom of mania or depression that significantly interferes with life. (Grey Toney is VERY depressed he is slowly killing himself. He has 2 little girls he can`t see because of his Mental state. He has no friends, talks to himself in any reflection of himself he can see. Not even the homeless people out there with him want anything to do with him unless they are abusing him BECAUSE HE IS VERY ILL! ) 11. When someone’s symptoms Have become so severe that they will not listen to others or accept help.( Grey Toney has been offered help from many Police officers ,social workers,adult protective care workers ,myself his mother his family. Grey Toney refuses any help saying he is ok. He won`t come around his family becuse he knows we all want him to get treatment. He does not even remember his birthday ,holidays. His birthday just passed Dec.8 and normally he would show up at his mothers home. He did`nt.


    • shocpaula says:

      Neither I nor any SHOC members have expertise in this area and do not have case management capabilities. A more appropriate service provider might be Genesis or Guest House for mental health for homeless people, and Sacramento Steps Forward for information on more resources. You can probably easily google them, but if you can’t fine their contact info, let me know and I’ll look up.
      Paula Lomazzi


  2. complainer says:

    I go to pilgrimage overnight shelter in each church. Some of the volunteer are very rude and they harass you everynight. I complained to Davis but the leader couldn,t do anything because they need bad volunteer to yell at people or to kick out people without any reason. A lot of homeless people don’t like to come to this shelter. The bad volunteers take advantage on to be a boss, take stuffs from donation or give it to their friends and families, eat more food than others and harass you every night. No one is going to help you. They want people to follow the rules but they themselves do not follow. That’s why homeless people are bad people. The church should not give them free stuff.


    • home h says:

      April 29, 2016 I went to the Pioneer Cong. UCC church in downtown, Sacramento shelter sleep overnight. It was hot and no more room in the room. I asked to sleep in the hallway and so did other guests. They already set up bed in the hallway. Four homeless volunteers and two guests started shouting and yelling at me. They kept yelling and kicking me while I was sleeping. I immediately went downstairs to the leader, Allen. He placed me in the hallway away from other people. I think the four volunteers should remove from their job or the two female guests should not be in the shelter as a guest. They have been yelling, harass, and hurting people. We should call the police to arrest them and put them in jail. This is not the first time they do that to people. They don’t listen to the director or the one in charge. They never respect you. Those volunteers Vegies and her daughter, and one of their fatter friend and Ron, the one check out your bed, he and his female company has a big dog and the dog giving a lot of hazard and should not be there. They should kick out from the shelter instead of the guests. After the horrible experience with the volunteers, I will never want to go to those shelters with them.


  3. Chris Jensen says:

    Hey Paula, I hear that the editor of Homeward wants to do an article on DOGFITE. DOGFITE is a project of RIL, and I would like to be involved. Thanks!


    • kingofkups says:

      It was so cool to be included in the Safeground Stake Down on the 1st. Everyone was so pleasant and welcoming; it was a very different experience from Pilgramage. At the same time it breaks my heart because there are still kids in the homeless community, and not every church has the separate accommodations like St. John’s Lutheran. As a volunteer at Pilgramage, I can say that there is a lot of training that needs to happen with Leaders and Volunteers. Unfortunately some people tend to fall on old habits and tools if pushed in the wrong way.

      I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s morning meeting, and it looks like there could be more new faces there outside of Elica. Please feel free to email me so I can pass on a phone number.

      Thank you,


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