Resources for Assisting Migrant Workers

Those who come to this country to find work often have unmet needs, even though they are a vital part of our society. They contribute to the food supply, economy, and culture, but they don’t always know where to look when they need help. The following resources can help you point them towards individuals and organizations that can provide the assistance they need.

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Cover Essentials

It’s not unusual for migrant workers to struggle with basic human needs. It’s important to cover their essentials first.

  • Many migrant workers experience food insecurity. Let them know about free sources.
  • A roof overhead is a must, and several options are available.
  • When more traditional housing is problematic, portable options are another solution.
  • Healthcare is often a concern. Charitable clinics can help.
  • Parents who need child care can hire sitters via the web.

Legal Concerns

The legal system is a complex machine. Deportation, visa alterations, and so forth, can prove challenging, especially during a pandemic. Thankfully, there are people and organizations that can lend a helping hand with various scenarios.

  • OSHA has legal safety standards all workplaces are supposed to meet.
  • Some organizations are specifically oriented toward assisting the migrant population.
  • Another option is to hire freelance legal professionals through online job boards.
  • Migrant workers may need to learn how to pay taxes.

There’s an App for That

Mobile apps are available for nearly anything and everything these days. Look to smartphones for other forms of practical assistance.

Migrant workers are a vital part of the US economy, but they often fall through the cracks. Thankfully, there are resources available, and you can use this guide to help them.

[courtesy of Diane Harrison,]



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