Justice Day and Caravan

WE MUST ACT NOW! Our unhoused brothers and sisters are in danger due to City/County delay & neglect! Please join the Justice Car Caravan or help us get through to City Council and Board of Supervisors by calling, emailing, or using social media on Justice Day.

Phone script suggestion:
I support the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps call for justice for our unhoused neighbors.  Our unhoused neighbors need you to make shelter available today for them during this pandemic. While we continue to wait for the hotels/motels and other housing that has been advertised for over a month, we must ensure they have adequate access to restrooms and hand washing stations and clear messaging to the homeless encampments.   I am doing my part to shelter in place, but many unhoused cannot do so. Housing is healthcare and must be provided immediately.
Twitter hashtag #ServNotSweeps
Email script: Sample Scripts2

Contact information for Sacramento City Council and Board of Supervisors: Contact information for Justice Day
Sacramento City Council and Mayor
Mayor Steinberg   916-808-5300  dsteinberg@cityofsacramento.org 
Vice Mayor Jeff Harris
 (916) 808-7003  jsharris@cityofsacramento.org 
Angelique Ashby
 (916) 808-7001  aashby@cityofsacramento.org 
Allen Warren
 916-808-7002  awarren@cityofsacramento.org   
Steve Hansen
 916-808-7004  shansen@cityofsacramento.org 
Jay Schenirer
 916-808-7004  jschenirer@cityofsacramento.org 
Eric Guerra
 916-808-7006  eguerra@cityofsacramento.org 
Rick Jennings, II
 916-808-7007  rjennings@cityofsacramento.org 
Larry Carr
 916-808-7008  lcarr@cityofsacramento.org 
Sacramento Board of Supervisors
Phil Serna  (916) 874-5485  SupervisorSerna@Saccounty.net
Patrick Kennedy  (916) 874-5481  SupervisorKennedy@saccounty.net 
Susan Peters
 (916) 874-5471  susanpeters@saccounty.net
Sue Frost    (916) 874-5491  SupervisorFrost@saccounty.net
Don Nottoli  (916) 874-5465  nottolid@saccounty.net

Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition


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