No No-fault Evictions

(No SHOC meeting this Tuesday, November 4)

Pass an Emergency Moratorium On No-Cause Evictions! On January 1, 2020, AB 1482, the Tenant Protection Act goes into effect. So landlords are hurrying up and giving out 60-day no-fault eviction notices to beat this law. Communities across California are facing this same problem of landlords evicting tenants at increased rates, and City and County jurisdictions are having to step up with emergency ordinances to protect tenants.

Sign a petition to Sacramento Board of Supervisors and come out Tuesday, November 5th to show community support for emergency tenant protections. Gather at 9:30. Meeting at 11am.


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1 Response to No No-fault Evictions

  1. Ann Darling says:

    I was illegally evicted from HUD housing for disabled. I filed with DEFH and won the 4th appeal, but we sent for Freedom of Info records and found evidence of property manager bribing investigator from DEFH as she didn’t want to lose her job for assaulting me, the tenant in my home in front of caregiver. Heavily documented case.


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