Panhandling ordinance goes to vote

Free Speech in Jeopardy

A panhandling ordinance will be brought forward at this Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Previously we’ve had an ordinance forbidding aggressive panhandling. If passed this new version will make it illegal to panhandle within 30 feet from an ATM, bank doorway, transit center, bus stop, and other place restrictions. Even if the person solicited isn’t using an ATM or at the bus stop.

When you pace out 30 feet, that length could take you across a two lane road plus parking space, a pretty long distance away to be considered intimidating. Panhandlers shouldn’t approach someone using an ATM, but everyone should be able to say “Spare change?” or “Can we bring about change?” anywhere else to anyone else in a non-threatening manner.

Let our city council know you want them to protect our constitutional right to free speech. Come to the City Council meeting Tuesday, 11/14/17, 5pm, email and/or call your councilmember and the mayor.

Copy of proposed ordinance

Articles: Sacramento City Council considers panhandling ordinance
Sacramento Panhandling Ban Could Go Into Effect Next Month

Mayor Steinberg (916) 808-5300
Dist 1 – Councilmember Angelique Ashby (916) 808-7001
Dist 2 – Councilmember Allen Warren (916) 808-7002
Dist 3 – Councilmember Jeff Harris (916) 808-7003
Dist 4 – Councilmember Steve Hansen (916) 808-7004
Dist 5 – Councilmember Jay Schenirer (916) 808-7005
Dist 6 – Councilmember Eric Guerra (916) 808-7006
Dist 7 – Councilmember Rick Jennings (916) 808-7007
Dist 8 – Councilmember Larry Carr (916) 808-7008

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